Emmet Scott

Community Dental Partners (CDP)

Emmet Scott is co-founder and board member of Community Dental Partners, a DSO supporting entrepreneurial dentists who are providing care to underserved patients. Emmet is host of the number one DSO Podcast, DSO Secrets ™ and author of the Amazon bestselling book DSO Secrets: The Ultimate Guide to Building Your Dental Empire.

Emmet is passionate about creating an amazing patient, team and doctor experiences in his companies and sharing his knowledge with others. This passion led to his investment and partnership in the Dentist Entrepreneur Organization (DEO) where Emmet provides coaching and training to entrepreneurial dentists and their teams. DEO has over 200 groups with their dentist owners and team members learning how to scale their dental practice and achieve personal and business success. Emmet was elected to the post of ADSO president in the summer 2020 where he works hand in hand with the ADA to ensure the dental industry is seen as an essential health care industry and dentists get maximum support for regulatory items and legislative initiatives.

Emmet’s work in the dental industry began with Smile Magic Dentistry and Braces which he co-founded in 2010 with Dr. Chad Evans, who also happens to be his best friend since the age of two years old. What began as an idea and dream to do dentistry differently while also serving an underserved population grew into Smile Magic Dentistry. The practices deliver a Disney-like experience to the families they serve complete with a storybook theme, gold coins, a movie theatre, and lobby play gym. CDP now supports their Smile Magic brand along with a total of 77 other dental practices.

A serial entrepreneur and passionate professional, Emmet prides himself on seeing the wisdom in people and their vision to improve the industries they serve in. He is the proud husband and the father of six kids, mostly redheads and one who is hard of hearing. Emmet is fluent in American Sign Language and CEO of ASL Communication which provides sign language interpreters to governments, schools, hospitals and businesses.