While every DSO operates a bit differently, the advantages of a career in a DSO environment includes many advantages for a Dentist.

The Right Choice

Become part of the fastest growing segment in Dentistry

ADSO Podcasts: Careers in a DSO

Watch these podcasts by some of our ADSO members to learn about the benefits of a career in a DSO. If you are extremely tech savvy, family-oriented, ambitious and confident, a team player, an effective and productive worker, and community service oriented, a career in a DSO is the right choice for you.

Is a DSO Right For You?

In this ADSO podcast, Dr. Kyle Poulsen shares his experiences and provides a framework to help you determine if a DSO is the right choice for you.

Don’t Be "That Dentist"

In this ADSO podcast, learn how Dr. Brenda used her DSO’s continuing education courses to grow personally and professionally and provide the best care to her patients.

DSOs & the Future of Dentistry

In this ADSO podcast, Dr. Alan J. Acierno talks about the advantages of DSOs and what that means for the future of dentistry.

  • On a national average, most dentists in a DSO setting earn a higher salary than dentists in a private practice setting.
  • Many DSOs have sophisticated clinical and business education programs which help shape and give future direction.
  • DSO dentists are given autonomy within their clinical settings and are frequently offered access to mentors who can share their experience and expertise.
  • Best business practices collaboration & learning opportunities with DSO members.
  • DSOs provide access to modern dental materials, equipment and technology–oftentimes partnering with the most successful and innovative dental suppliers in the field.
  • DSOs give dentists the ability to concentrate on practicing dentistry without the distractions and burden of running a business. This freedom allows a dentist to focus on patients, quality care and outcomes.
  • Ownership can be gained in existing DSO practices and opportunitiesto open a new DSO practice with an equity stake.


As a DSO Dentist, you will have access to innovative technology and training to provide exemplary patient care.


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Why Are New Dentists Turning to DSOs?

  • An increasing number of dentists are female (50%)

  • 1/3 of dentists are not busy enough.

  • Debt is increasing for dental graduates.

  • Dental expenditures are flat and visits are declining.

  • Consumer habits are changing.

  • Dental Schools Are Expanding

  • 32% of children are on Medicaid (2010).

  • The insurance industry is changing.

  • The average retirement age is between 64-69.

More Reasons to Join a DSO

  • Information
  • Technology
  • Accounting & Payroll
  • Banking & Finance
  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Human Resources
  • Office Administration
  • Vendor Relationships
  • More Time With Patients
  • Peer Networking & Mentoring