ADSO Awards

In 2023 the ADSO is established an annual awards program to highlight excellence, commitment, and service, both in the association and the DSO Industry at large.  Annual ADSO Awards will recognize innovation, service, growth and outstanding leadership within the ADSO.

Inductees into the ADSO Hall of Leaders will be individuals who have performed outstanding service, made outstanding contribution, and demonstrated long-standing commitment to the ADSO and whose contributions have led to profound advancement of the best interest of DSO industry. The initial class of inductees to the ADSO Hall of Leaders includes a renowned group who have been foundational in establishing the ADSO and the DSO industry.

2023 Inductees include: Stanley M. Bergman, Michael Bileca, Steve Bilt, Doug Brown, Bob Fontana, Dr. Edward Meckler, Don Moody, Dr. Jeffrey Moos, Mitch Olan, Stephen E. Thorne, IV & Dr. Rick Workman.

Hall of Leaders

ADSO Presidential Award

The Presidential Award focuses on the extraordinary service put forth by an ADSO member who has shown active engagement in the association as a leader, officer or committee member.

2023 Recipient:

  • Emmet Scott

The ADSO Service Award is given to ADSO members who have shown excellence in meritorious service, corporate/social responsibility, and/or contributions to greater society over the last year.

2023 Recipients:

  • Pacific Dental Services
  • Riccobene Associates Family Dentistry

ADSO Service Award

ADSO Innovation Award

The ADSO Innovation Award recognizes an Industry Partner servicing DSOs for their achievement in innovation. They will have contributed to the advancement of technologies and systems that raise the quality of processes and products; enhanced the dignity and status of the profession; or has been involved in a combination of these efforts.

2023 Recipients:

  • Dr. Jeremy Krell
  • Dr. Wilhelm Piskorowski

The ADSO Emerging Award is given to a member DSO organization that has shown great innovation, growth or have emerged as a new leader in the DSO industry in the last year.

2023 Recipients:

  • Westwind Integrated Health

ADSO Emerging Award