Working with our members, policy makers and the public in spreading the word about this important industry.

A Common Goal

The ADSO is committed the improvement of oral health in the United States through the accessibility of high-quality dental care.

ADSO Government Affairs

ADSO’s government affairs office in Washington, D.C. advocates for you. Using the association’s legislative and regulatory policies and positions, ADSO advocates before elected officials and regulatory agencies. The association serves as a primary resource to elected officials and policy leaders on issues of importance to Dental Support Organizations.

ADSO members actively participate in advocacy efforts to bring about appropriate policy and legislation. The ADSO regulatory and legislative agenda is developed through solicited input from the full membership. The strategic plan is approved each year and reflects the mission and values of the organization.

How Does ADSO Government Affairs Help You?

  • Build the overall advocacy strategy

  • Understand lobbying rules & regulations

  • Identify partner organizations for lobbying & direct outreach

  • Provide tools for member engagement

  • Set up and administer PACs

Advocating for DSOs

The strongest voices to explain and advocate for the DSO industry are ADSO members.

Working to Educate and Inform

ADSO member companies provide important administrative support services to dental practices. DSOs are criticized by some who either don’t understand how a DSO operates or because they present a competitive threat. Because the attacks are real and threaten the ability of dentists to choose the administrative support services that best suit their practice, ADSO members have committed to a strong government affairs structure that works to inform and educate policy makers about the benefits of DSO’s in their communities that include jobs, lower healthcare costs, and expanded access to dental care through supported dental practices.

We look forward to working with our members, policy makers, and the public in spreading the word about this important industry. To ensure a favorable legislative and regulatory environment for DSOs, get in touch with your federal, state, and local elected leaders and let your voice be heard.

  • Members of Congress
  • State Governors
  • State Legislators
  • US Mayors
  • County Executives
  • Other Local Government Officials

Growth of Legislative Activity

ADSO members are vital to our advocacy efforts in sharing the DSO story with lawmakers and regulators, educating them about our industry. We are sometimes faced with opposition equipped with half-truths or anecdotal stories about why DSO’s need to be regulated. Like all areas of healthcare, the dental industry has evolved since many of the state Dental Practice Acts were first enacted. By providing non-clinical administrative support, DSO’s are enabling dentists to focus on their patients, not paperwork.

The strongest voices to explain and advocate for the DSO industry are ADSO members themselves and their supported dentists. Join ADSO as we engage elected officials and policy makers.

Dental Board

Connect with each state Dental Board for specific information about licensure requirements, the state dental practice act, or other licensure-related information.

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