Dental distribution and supply trends: An interview with DC Dental’s David Charnowitz

June 26, 2018 By Zachary Kulsrud, Chief Editor, Apex360
What do you think about your dental supplier? If you’re like most dentists and office managers, you’re demanding technology efficiencies, product expertise, and lower prices. That’s a tall order, but it’s why companies like DC Dental are rising to the top of the dental distribution game. DC Dental understands that to keep up in the age of Amazon Prime, you have to invest in your product. That’s why the company recently put $2 million into automation improvements at its Baltimore, Maryland, distribution center. What does that kind of money buy you? To find out, we talked to Dan Charnowitz, CEO of DC Dental. Charnowitz also identified key trends that he sees shaping the dental market. Read our exclusive interview to learn more.
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