Dr. Maryam Beyramian

Westwind Integrated Health

Founder & CEO

Dr. Beyramian graduated from the University of Michigan in 2001, and started Westwind Dental Group in 2002.  In 2017 Primary Care Medicine was added to our service offerings and the group was rebranded to Westwind Integrated Health.

Today Westwind Integrated Health consists of 13 practices and over 24 doctors throughout the Phoenix metro area. “We recruit talented compassionate doctors and mentor them in leadership skills, with the vision to develop providers who possess both strong clinical and communication skills.”

Westwind Integrated Health is a SERVICE oriented group created to provide comprehensive integrative oral and systemic care to  patients of all ages .  Westwind promotes a collaborative environment where everyone from the multispecialty provider to the team members work hand in hand to ensure continuity of care between the patient’s oral and systemic disease.  “We are all a team with one vision, to provide the best over all care for the patients who have entrusted us with all of their health care needs”.

Dr. Beyramian’s goal is to create medical and dental group that can provide integrative care for the Phoenix community.  Her vision is to recruit and develop team members that value the corporate culture of collaboration and team work between multispecialties to achieve optimal oral and systemic well-being.

“The links between Oral and Systemic disease is undeniable.  With our integrative Medical-Dental approach, we educate patients, change habits and lifestyles to move towards an overall improved health. ” Westwind’s future plans are to develop more systems and core competencies that enable scale and growth in the Southwest market.

Dr. Beyramian is a visionary and entrepreneur, a true leader in the industry.  She has received multiple awards in the industry including recently being recognized as the 2021 Women Achievers of Arizona in the Healthcare Services category.