Dr. Matthew Haddad

Specialty1 Partners

Founder & Co-CEO

Matthew was born and raised in Windsor, Canada.  He attended dental school in Cleveland, Ohio at Case Western Reserve School of Dental Medicine, where he met his wife.  He continued his specialty endodontic training at the Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine at Boston University.  Matthew and his wife Margaret (who is a pediatric dentist) stay busy raising their four young children together.

Matthew Haddad currently resides in Houston, TX where he founded Gulf Coast Endodontics (GCE) in 2010 and Jamboree Pediatric Dentistry (JPD) in 2011.  After overseeing the growth of GCE and JPD over the next nine years he founded Endo1 Partners which evolved into Specialty1 Partners.  Currently he serves at the co-CEO and member of the board for Specialty1 Partners, which has seen tremendous growth and success since its inception.

Since launching in 2019, Specialty1 Partners has emerged as the market-leading solution to help dental surgical practices optimize their operations and elevate patient care. Within its rapidly growing network, Specialty1 Partners supports 220 practice locations and more than 350 surgeons.