July 2022

From the Office of the Executive Director

Welcome to the July edition of The Brush Up, for the latest on the ADSO’s advocacy efforts, committee updates and member news.

July has been busy, and we’re pleased to share more about the ADSO’s successful actions to improve state funding for oral healthcare in Virginia. Earlier this month, the ADA’s Executive Director Dr. Ray Cohlmia wrote an article  acknowledging the value of DSOs in providing quality care and offering an attractive career pathway to today’s dental students. We now have the ADA’s most pronounced public endorsement of the DSO practice model to date because of your continued support by way of participation on committees, knowledge sharing at the ADSO Summit and other industry events, impact with patients and engagement in legislative efforts. We hope you take the time to read it and share the op-ed on social media by reposting the ADSO’s social media posts on LinkedIn, Instagram, or Facebook.

Every day, DSOs build and maintain healthy communities around the country, and we are proud to support your goals to expand access.

We hope you enjoy today’s newsletter covering the association’s new initiatives, committee priorities for the ADSO and news and updates from you, our members. Until next time!


Andrew Smith, ADSO Executive Director