December 2022

From the Office of the Executive Director

Welcome to the December edition of The Brush Up, your monthly recap of the ADSO’s advocacy efforts, committee updates, and member news.

I am pleased to share ADSO’s 2023 strategic priorities.  As we plan for 2023, there is a continued emphasis on proactive initiatives to elevate dentistry and position the DSO model as not only the fastest growing sector in dentistry, but also the preferred model for both patients and dentists.

The 2023 strategic priorities reflect continued growth for the ADSO. Of note is that budgeted growth for 2023 was possible without raising dues. ADSO’s growth strategy for mid-market and large DSOs is working and will continue to drive growth. We are able to pursue and achieve proactive goals and deliver on our value propositions to all membership levels without asking individual members to contribute more.

We continue a strong focus on government relations and strategic initiatives to advance and elevate the DSO model, with 64 percent of the budget focused on these efforts.  We are expanding ADSO’s educational and networking events to include a conference focusing on the interests and challenges of our mid-market members.  While expanding ADSO’s key initiatives, we are pleased that our operational and administrative support spending has decreased to only nine percent of the budget.  The typical spend for association operations is around 15 percent.

Highlights of ADSO’s strategic 2023 priorities include:

  • Value Driven GR Strategy: Portability, payor reform, remove last barriers to operate
  • Workforce Initiatives: Data aggregator to drive key initiatives with dental students/schools, hygienists, and dental assistants
  • Enhanced Communication Strategy: Using external and internal tactics to drive our narrative to core audiences and position ADSO as an industry thought leader
  • Enhanced Membership Programing: Targeted approach to retention/continued recruitment of all levels with value drive programing including the Summit, mid-market event, study clubs
  • Operational Strength: Build on 2022 success including new database, updated bylaws, and dues restructure

We look forward to working with all of you to continue to drive the growth and success of the DSO model.


Andrew Smith, ADSO Executive Director